Special thanks to the WONDERFUL friends I have met on Flickr who have graciously shared their beautiful photos with me to use on this website. I appreciate their thoughtfulness from the bottom of my heart. Please visit their websites and say hello!

photo by Bo Davidsson

Bo Davidsson
Open Horizons Fine Art

photo by Chelsea Casey

Chelsea Casey
Defining Moment Photography

photo by Amy Nairn

Amy Nairn
Amy's Photostream

photo by Anastasia Abramova

Anastasia Abramova
n. Photography

photo by Miriam Subbiah

Miriam Subbiah
Miriam's Photostream

photo by Jeff Holbrook

Jeff Holbrook
Jeff's Photostream

photo by Alicia Frost

Alicia Frost
Alicia's Photostream

photo by Chris Spotts

Chris Spotts
Chris's Photostream

photo by Shelby Lilly

Shelby Lilly
Shelby's Photostream

photo by Ryan Mahoney

Ryan Mahoney
Ryan's Photostream

photo by Victoria Hederer Bell

Victoria Hederer Bell
Victoria's Photostream

photo by Kyle Branum

Kyle Branum
Kyle's Photostream

photo by SopranosFlight

SopranoFlight's Photostream

photo by Zach Stahl

Zach Stahl
Zach's Photostream

photo by Andreaa Jean

Andrea Van Orsouw
Andrea's Photostream

photo by Jonathan Sakkos

Jonathan Sakkos
Jonathan's Photostream

photo by Keyana Tahmaseb

Keyana Tahmaseb
Keyana's Photostream


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