Blanket Statements is striving to be eco-friendly in all aspects of our business. From business cards, to advertising flyers, to the blanket statement cards all the way to the tissue paper, ribbons and bags we use for the delivery of our blankets. In addition we offer several styles of reclaimed cotton blankets.

kraft bag

We are now stocking these lovely eco-friendly reusable tote bags for special orders. Watch for them on our shopping page!

kraft bag

We use 100% recycled natural brown kraft bags for the blankets we deliver. Made in the USA.


100% natural fiber paper raffia ribbon is used to tie our labels on the blankets.


Biodegradable cotton ribbon is also used for attaching our tags to the blankets. These ribbons are non-woven cotton dyed with soy inks. Made in the USA.


Red manila hemp twine made from abaca fiber which is an abundant and renewable plant.


We use 100% recycled MF acid free fiber kraft tissue in our shipped packages as well as our deliveries. Made in the USA.


Love our new 100% recycled MF acid free fiber red tissue that we use in our specialty packages. Made in the USA.


We use 100% recycled 65lb lunch bag kraft cardstock paper for our blanket tags, advertising, and promotional items.
Visit Kraft Outlet for your recycled kraft paper needs.


We use Green Line self inking stampers for our bags and blanket tags. These stampers are made from 80% recycled plastic and use environmentally responsible water based ink.

business card
business card

We use 100lb. recycled matte paper for our Blanket Statements business cards. If you can help our cause by handing out some business cards or promotional flyers, please let us know and we will send you some!

recycleWe also are proud to use the United States Postal Service Priority Mail and Green Shipping as our way of providing carbon neutral shipping.

We use eco-friendly recycled Priority Mail boxes for our preferred shipping option. Visit the USPS Sustainability Website for more info on all the ways the post office is leaving a green footprint.

We also offset the carbon emissions of our USPS and auto deliveries by utilizing GreenShipping. Through GreenShipping a portion of all of our sales go to fund wind energy research.

Use GreenShipping to ship carbon free

wind energy

wind energy


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